Aug 10, 2014 Doesn't matter what gear. Generally happens around 4-5.5k rpms. Also hear a loud clank/rattle noise simultaneous to the power loss. Kind of like.... Dec 29, 2012 I've just had an issue with my 99 2.5RS (EJ207 swap with VF28) having a major power loss under hard acceleration around 4k-5k RPM.. Mar 5, 2020 Loss of power and acceleration, no codes. Tiny. JONNYHILL. MEMBER; 2014 SUBARU FORESTER; 2.5L; 4 CYL; 4WD; AUTOMATIC; 102,000.... The 2016 Subaru Outback has 3 problems reported for loss of power while accelerating. Average failure mileage is 21200 miles.. I've just started getting momentary loss of power under acceleration. Everything is ok until 0.5 bar then a slight dip. Accelerating further again I get to just under.... Nov 12, 2018 Hi, I'm working on a Subaru outback that is missing during acceleration. The vehicle bucks and the rpms jump down and back up again.. Jul 4, 2016 2000 Subie Outback, 4 cylinder engine, auto 105K miles. During acceleration, it sometimes loses power. The tach needle jumps up and down.... Dead injector or ignition coil are the first things that comes to mind. Otherwise it may be a problem with the fuel pressure, which probably low end power/acceleration - Subaru Legacy Forums15 posts. (Updated on April 16, 2020). Have you ever been in a situation where you're driving your vehicle and as you accelerate, you start to lose power instead of gain.... Just resolved a similar problem on '03 Forester 2.0 turbo. Car would not respond for 2 to 3 seconds when the accelerator pedal is pushed. Also, when it finally.... Nov 24, 2016 So my 06 2.5i with a 4EAT seems to have lost a fair amount of power. It has no low end torque and just barely maintains highway speed and.... Airflow sensor: When your airflow sensor is failing or dirty, it can send wrong signals to your engine's computer that can result in power losses while accelerating.. Dec 14, 2005 maintenance. ***About 6 months ago the car was experiencing a loss of. power and wouldn't accelerate when I pressed the gas. ***I thought it.. Dec 12, 2019 Subaru is recalling some Ascent, Crosstrek, Forester, and Impreza models. Consumer Reports says a faulty PCV valve could cause affected... 877e942ab0

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